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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

"And then there’s the 'Pinball Wizard' himself: [Jarrad Biron Green] (Tommy). The all-important title role demands perfection, and much of the success of the production sits squarely on the shoulders of whoever plays the role, but [Green] is beyond up to the challenge and his performance, much of which is silent, is simply amazing. Upon seeing the show, the audience understands why the little boy is struck dumb, but by the time he is able to speak, I was already in love with him. [Green’s] glorious voice soars to the rafters with great nuance, incredible emotion and extraordinary clarity."

Jonathan Charles Fox of The River Reporter

"I do have to pick out [Jarrad Biron Green] as the adult Tommy. His Tommy is a whirlwind of emotions (even when somewhat comatose) as he goes from trapped boy to man, dealing with the conflicts of being different and then hailed as a pinball icon. [Mr. Green's] 'I'm Free' was a journey in itself."

Bill Moloney of the Sullivan County Democrat 

"[Jarrad Biron Green] (Narrator/Tommy), like a caterpillar turning into a raptor, transitions from mournfully mute to electrifyingly 'free' with dynamic presence, vocals and footwork. His interaction with his younger inspired..."

Lori Schneider of Time Herald-Record

"The role of Tommy, brilliantly and energetically brought to the Forestburgh stage by [Jarrad Biron Green], a recent graduate of NYU Steinhardt, with a degree in Vocal Performance. It can stand without exaggeration that Jarrad never missed a class.  His delivery is smooth, deliberate and as is appropriate in this production, dominate."

A.J. Petrosillo on



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